Our secure payment

Our secure payment offer The ArsShop website has chosen its banking partner, CREDIT AGRICOLE, for totally secure online payments!

Crédit Agricole and its e-commerce solution use the 3D Secure system to secure purchases.

This online payment system is based on information encryption technology. When you pay, if you choose to pay by credit card, you will need to register your credit card numbers and expiry date. This information will be immediately encrypted on your computer before being sent to our bank via the Internet. Thus, no confidential information circulates on the network without first being encrypted.

All the guarantees of confidentiality and security are therefore met. This device is called Verified by Visa at Visa and SecureCode at Mastercard. Its purpose is to secure transactions, by allowing credit card holders to be authenticated and thus prevent their fraudulent use.

The 3D Secure system allows you to ask the buyer for additional information before validating the payment.

A person who steals your card or copies the information from it cannot make purchases on our site because they cannot know this additional information. Once identified, you receive a confidential code by SMS on your mobile phone, via a voice server if it is a fixed phone, or an electronic box.

Then simply enter this code, composed of 6 to 10 characters mixing letters and numbers, and validate your purchase. You will receive a one-time use code for each purchase made on our site.

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